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      发布时间:2020-05-27 文章来源:Harsco Rail Global Website 翻译:Yolanda Huang

      Harsco Rail Reaches an Important Milestone with MTA Long Island Rail Road


      Harsco Rail announced that earlier this month they hit a major milestone with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), which is one of the busiest commuter rail roads in the United States. On May 2, 2020, the 250,000th tie was successfully installed on Long Island Rail Road.
      哈斯科铁路公司(Harsco Rail)宣布,本月早些时候,他们与纽约大都会运输署(MTA)的长岛铁路(LIRR)达成了一个重要的里程碑,长岛铁路是美国最繁忙的通勤铁路之一,2020年5月2日,长岛铁路上已经成功铺上了第250,000条轨枕。

      “This process has been fine-tuned over the past eight years, resulting in minimal disruption to LIRR customers as we work to improve and modernize our system,” said LIRR President Phillip Eng. “The LIRR is proud of the coordination that exists between our contractors and our workforce that allows us to renew our infrastructure while simultaneously providing safe, reliable, uninterrupted service to the entire region.”

      LIRR总裁Phillip Eng表示:“在过去的八年里,我们致力于不断改进,使我们的系统更现代化,对整个过程进行了的一些调整,以求将对LIRR客户的影响降到最低。LIRR为我们的承包商与员工之间的协调感感到自豪,这使我们能够更新基础构架,同时为整个地区提供安全、可靠,不间断的服务。“

      The contract between Harsco Rail and LIRR was first awarded in 2012, after LIRR made the decision to switch from wooden ties to concrete ties. Over the past eight years, an average of 31,250 concrete ties have been installed with the P811S//TLM, which equates to almost 95 miles of ties over this time. This project was led by Mark Pridgen Contracting Supervisor for Harsco Rail and the dedicated P811S Crew.
      在LIRR决定从木质轨枕换成混凝土轨枕后,Harsco Rail与LIRR于2012年首次签订了合同。在过去的八年中P811S//TLM已平均安装了31,250条混凝土轨枕,相当于轨枕长度约95英里。该项目由Harsco Rail的承包商主管Mark Pridgen和负责P811S的专项组负责。


      “The LIRR is very proud of this major accomplishment that has been achieved by dedicated crews working tirelessly, sometimes under extreme and harsh conditions,” said LIRR Chief Engineer Glenn Greenberg. “Our system has benefited greatly from the installation of concrete ties, which now comprise roughly 30% of our Mainline track miles.”

      LIRR首席工程师Glenn Greenberg表示:“LIRR为项目取得的重大成就感到自豪,这离不开敬业的工作人员有时甚至在极端和恶劣的条件下坚持工作,“我们的系统得益于水泥轨枕的安装,混凝土轨枕现在约占我们主线轨道里程的30%。”